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Form Candle Holder


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Cubism meets brutalism in this perforated, sculptural candle holder. Carved from reclaimed sustainably sourced Tulip wood and finished with environmentally friendly Osmo Satin oil. This biophilic design incorporates a hole perfect for carrying a candle through dark rooms. Due to the reclaimed wood and handcrafted process, each vase is unique. Fits a standard taper candle.

Approximately 3.5" H x 6" W; wood.

Made in the United Kingdom.

Skogr Studio

Skógr: Old Norse English Noun. wood, forest.

Tom created Skógr studio in late 2020 with the vision of creating sustainable, functional sculptural objects for the home that are heavily influenced by the forms and shapes of the cubism art movement.

Each piece is carved from his home studio and all wood is sustainably sourced, locally from Yorkshire. From dried bloom vessels and bud vases, to book-ends and photo holders, Skógr studio aims to create both functional and decorative pieces with an aesthetic to suite any living space.

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