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Sunny Oak Wall Clock

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A modern oak and brass wall clock to brighten up your space. Created from a 3 cm thick natural oak face, this clock exudes minimalist luxury. Designed by Claudio Di Plama for Namuos, an independent Lithuanian Design Firm.

12.6" diameter; oak and brass. 

Made in Lithuania.


NAMUOS, a family-run Lithuanian design studio, is founded on the principles of timelessness and durability in design, creating products that withstand our routines in a fast-paced, ever-changing world. We search for inspiration in nature,
traditional crafts, and colors native to our Lithuanian climate. NAMUOS is passionate about upholding both functionality and natural materials in design. The entire collection is produced in Lithuania, utilizing the country’s rich forests producing Oak, Ash, and Birch trees, as well as wool, metal, and leather commonly used in Lithuania’s traditional crafts. Scraps from the manufacturing process, such as brass, are recycled and used to create new products. Wool and scraps of leather are given away to design schools, jewelry makers, or re-used to create small gifts. 

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