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Brisa Tray


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Versatile solid wood tray handcrafted from Granadillo (Mexican Rosewood) or Jobillo (Tigerwood)- this tray is both functional and beautiful for any room of the house, from holding office accessories, organizing a bathroom counter, candles, jewelry, or keys. The woods used for the Brisa tray were selected for their dramatic color & woodgrain patterns. Pair with our Brisa tissue box cover and trash can.

Granadillio (Mexican Rosewood) is an exotic wood that is bright red to reddish or purplish brown, with distinct stripes. This wood is heavier and hardier than teak or mahogany.

Jobillio (Tigerwood) is native to Central and South America, with russet, orange, or tan colors and vibrant dark marbling or stripes.

Details you'll love: Striking natural woodgrain patterns set these trays apart from mass-made wood decor.

12" x 8", 1.5" high; Carved by skilled carpenters in Guatemala using wood from the Peten jungle. All wood is sustainably harvested & FSC certified.


Itza Wood

Itza Wood creates handcrafted home accessories from sustainable and locally-sourced wood, ensuring each product is not only a unique work of art but a true expression of the beauty and biodiversity of the Guatemalan jungle.

Itza Wood's mission is to break the cycle of poverty in the Peten region of Guatemala. By providing education and employment opportunities to local residents, we celebrate the traditions of Peten while creating a better future for its people.

“Before touching a single tree, our reforestation project had planted 45,000 trees in the heart of the Peten jungle. This is our way of deepening our commitment to nature’s most beautiful treasures” - Eliza Babarczy, Founder

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