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Bruce Cable Throw Blanket


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The Bruce Cable Blanket is a soft, sweater-like throw. Knitted cables are made by holding stitches and knitting others back and forth to create the rope-like exchange signature to this legacy design. While smaller cables may use two stitches over two or three over three; the Bruce Cable, designed by Bruce, a Long Island master knitter, uses a monumental six over six stitches to create our soft, sumptuous 100% Egyptian Cotton throw. Available in Copper or Charcoal.

50" x 60"; 100% Egyptian Cotton; machine wash cold, no bleach, tumble dry low. 

Made in the USA.


Mineola Knitting Company

Textiles for Life

MKC's partnership has over 60+ years of collective experience in the textile industry, ranging from rich knitting expertise to a deep knowledge of manufacturing and high-quality sourcing,.

Quality and craftsmanship are held close to our hearts and knitted in every stitch; every blanket from the Mineola Knitting Company is a blanket for a lifetime. 

Sustainability in Manufacturing

We believe local, on-demand manufacturing of quality products is the solution to rising environmental concerns.  

All our products are knitted by our in-house team in Mineola, New York. Our production setup emphasizes flexibility and quick turnarounds with low minimums, which reduces inventory risk and the burden on our resources.

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