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Anacua House Home Fragrance

Create the perfect atmosphere this season with Anacua House home fragrances. Our candles and diffusers are really good- in every way. From our premium natural fragrances- free from artificial enhancers- to the clean-burning soy-coconut blend wax and alcohol-free, low VOC diffuser base, these home scents improve your home without the pollution.

Our home fragrances are handcrafted in the USA by women resettled in the US as refugees, helping them earn a living wage and gain experience in the US job market.

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Modern Designs, Heritage Craft

A cohort of Indian designers, passionate about their roots, are dedicating their careers to saving these old techniques, re-imagined for modern tastes.

These are the New Wave of Indian designers- a focus on craft, high-quality, sustainable materials, and sleek design aesthetic that effortlessly translates centuries of artisanal skill for the modern consumer.

Read more about our favorite independent designers from India on our AboutHouse blog, or shop our full Made in India collection.

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