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About Us

Anacua House is a special place-- a home that lives in the past and present. It’s an homage to storied homes that serve as the backdrop to generations of lives, traditions, and family treasures, yet never feels antique. Firmly rooted in the here and now, the home bustling with friends and memories in the making, surrounded by objects that reflect the family's way of life. Heirlooms come alive alongside modern artisan materials at holiday gatherings, late-night snack chats at the kitchen table, and Saturday morning coffee on the porch. Life happens here like nowhere else.

Meaningful luxury for the intentional, intimate home, our products are created with love by artisans, independent design studios, and family-run factories. They're made in the USA and around the world in workshops dedicated to preserving heritage crafts. They're made with the highest-level of quality to join your family for life. 

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