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Stoneware Serving Plate With Handles 13.4"


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Matte White
Matte Black

From a Paella course to a roasted chicken to a plate of fruits, the 13.4" Stoneware Serving Plate with Handles is one of the best ways to serve your main course on the table. 

This hand-crafted gorgeous plate is a centerpiece to present on your table. The masterpiece that will gather all your family and guests around the table.

Weight: 5.5 lbs


Food safe

Microwave and dishwasher safe

Oven use*: because stoneware is a fragile material, we advise extra caution as we offer no guarantee. 


Completely free of toxic heavy metals (like cadmium and lead)


These products are handmade by ceramists, one at the time. As such, they're all unique in their own ways and you may spot a small finger print on the base, or the imprint of the grid onto which they were placed when fired. Please note that these are the marks of true craftsmanship. 

Gharyan Stoneware

Sourced from the Cap Bon peninsula in Tunisia, Gharyan Stoneware starts its life as pure, mineral-rich clay fed by the azure depths of the Mediterranean Sea. As an area steeped in the deeply ancient tradition of pottery, expert craftsmen have lived for generations among the citrus, roses, vines and jasmines in the gardens of Cap Bon, passing down thousands of years of pure artistry, hand-to-hand, to the artisans that continue to create our stoneware pieces today.

At Gharyan, they believe in sustainability and fair trade and only work with partners that share these values. All products are made in Tunisia where it's guaranteed that workers benefit from every right: social insurance, 8 hours work/day, 5 days/week, enrolment with the Tunisian National Labour Union, safe working conditions, no child labour, and no labour exploitation.

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