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Venus Marble Photo Frame


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Pearl White
Black and Gold
Cloud Grey

Premium marble crafted into a handsome, minimalist frame for your vignettes, available in three colors. Made in Pakistan by skilled artisans in a family-run workshop. Due to the natural materials used, each piece will vary slightly in color and pattern.

Details you'll love: A matte, honed finsh creates a modern look for  the classic marble construction.

5"x 7" frame is 7.5inW x 9.5in H x .75in; marble.

4"x 6" frame is 7inW x 9in H x .75in; marble.

Made in Pakistan.

Marble Crafter

Nothing says “I am here to stay” better than this remarkable rock of ages.

A lifetime of skill and knowledge is passed from one generation to the next among the master craftsmen at Marble Crafter. The composition of artifacts offered here is a result of over two decades of artwork and stone-crafting experience,
combined with an unparalleled standard of manufacturing, quality control, customer service and prompt delivery of orders. This seamless melding of artwork and stone-crafting expertise is realized in every piece from Marble Crafter.

These masterpieces are hand-carved with natural stones, marbles and onyxes that are dug from the mountains and
river belts that stretch from the beds of Arabian Sea all the way to the valleys of Himalayas. The shine that becomes the integral part of each artifact is not a fancy chemical work; it is a lasting glow that is achieved after several rounds of hand sanding that produces a gloss that belongs to the stone
itself and does justice to its grandeur for ages to come.

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