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Taffy Tri-color Breakfast Set

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Set includes pitcher, 2 mugs, & 2 bowls- the perfect breakfast set!

The vibrant green, yellow and pink swirls are created using stained porcelain clay bodies thrown together on the wheel. Due to the handmade nature of this work, no pieces are exactly alike and the item you receive will differ slightly from pictured. Handmade by Clay Factor Ceramics, a Portland, OR studio.

Mug holds 14 oz; porcelain.

Pitcher holds 32 oz; porcelain.

Bowls are approxinately 6" diameter x 2.5" H; porcelain. 

Clay Factor Ceramics

Clay Factor is a Portland, Oregon based ceramic studio creating handmade porcelain wares for the home.

We believe objects have the capacity to enrich our daily lives through storytelling, space making and rituals.

We are lovers of function, quality, and delight.

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